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Women’s Museum in Bonn, Germany
(Frauenmuseum in Bonn)
Beethoven and the Question of Women
       2. February  -  8. November 2020

abstract painting and concept: Valérie Stohrer
Triptychon     ( 3 picture boards, each 80 X 80 cm)


The first abstract painting represents
Beethoven's virtuoso skills,
his outstanding free fantasies
and his compositional ingenuity.


In the second abstract painting
a human being shines through,
alternating from magnificent elation
to temporary displeasure
Captivating people through
his emotionally inspiring
highly creative way of expression.
Himself bound by an
unrequited love,
in the end introverted and isolated,
an inner contemplation.


The third abstract painting
thematizes this inner contemplation
which acts as an inspiring catalyst.
Provides space for silent feelings.

All altogether a work for eternity
emerges Radical. Uncompromising.
Mysterious. Revolutionary.
created by
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