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It´s me
Valérie Marie-Madeleine Stohrer
Creativity is an inner urge.
As a Frenchwoman and freelance artist based in Düsseldorf, I am dealing with France versus Germany in the cultural-political sphere. The Abstraction of Jürgen Meyer and the energy of Niki de Saint Phalle influence my way of painting.
I have always dealt greatly with the most diverse facets and styles, art movements, and works of different artists.
My French roots led me to Paris very early.

There, I also gained a deeper insight into the complexity of art and it served me as a continuous source of inspiration for my later works. In 2018, I was on the Camino de Santiago and I realized that actions like putting a flower in a vase for my loved ones, become just as much a ritualistic sensitive action as when I paint or pour a painting.
I participated in the Rationale 4/ Bauhaus *Interiors" exhibition at the Frauenmuseum (Women’s Museum) Bonn in 2019. In 2020, I participated in the exhibition, Beethoven and the Question of Women, also at the Frauenmuseum (Women’s Museum) Bonn. More exhibitions will follow...

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